wow amazing ! they just prayed for the snake to dance and turn their hands

Recently, a video surfaced of a green snake in a mountainside that was spotted by accident, and was seen on May 12 by a male. This man was often hiking, initially unimpressed, but one day the man approached, and the snake came to his rescue. Gently on her hand

But he was so scared that he bit his hand and the snake didn’t do anything to him.This is a belief of many people, they always pray for peace and suddenly dance in front of everyone, which seems very strange.watching Video below


Trump Spreads Coronavirus Misinformation As U.S. Death Toll Tops 46,000

Flanked by doctors and scientists, the president held another marathon coronavirus briefing repeatedly saying things that aren’t true while claiming Americans are ‘excited’ to reopen the state because the pandemic continues to kill thousands of individuals a day.! please look videos below Post Views: 252

Mr James T. Goodrich Neurology and skull specialist died because of disease Covid-19

Neuroscientist Dr. James T. Goodrich, who has built a world-wide reputation for successful laparoscopy with consecutive heads through one of the most complex and rare medical skills. That was passed away on Monday as the disease spread COVID-19. According to the release of “The.Washington.Post” quoted on Monday morning, April 6, 2020. Post Views: 246

What Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

This animated video on COVID-19 and the Zeno virus is a collaboration between nuclear medicine media to view the amazing hypothetical scenario on the human body, the planet and the planet, see below: Post Views: 259

Kiev 19 infected more than 1 million people and killed more than 50,000 worldwide

According to latest figures from Johns Hopkins University, more than one million cases of coronary disease have been registered worldwide.Nearly 53,000 people have died and more than 210,000 are recovering, according to US university figures.The United States has the most cases, while Italy has the highest number of fatalities.Tuberculosis 19 first appeared in central China […]